From design to validation, Microgas utilises its vast wealth of experience and expertise to deliver bespoke process installation systems.

Microgas offers the very best in British design and engineering, with proven experience in the following areas:

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Microgas prides itself in its ability to meet the requirements of large bulk gas installation contracts, including:

  • Experienced on site project management
  • Qualified welders and installation engineers
  • Fully equipped mobile cleanrooms
  • Large manifold pre-fabrication
  • Tankfarm and bulk purifier installations
  • On site Autocad team
  • Main contractor liaison
  • Comprehensive range of welding equipment

Microgas has over three decades of experience in the installation of toxic, corrosive, pyrophoric and hazardous gas systems. Specific areas of experience include:

  • Gas cabinets
  • Co-axial tubing systems
  • Leak detection monitoring panels
  • Point of use valve boxes
  • Heat tracing

Microgas has gained unrivalled acclamation from clients for the successful facilitization and hook up of process equipment. Our success has been our ability to understand the requirements for attention to detail and compliance with critical protocols. Specifically, we pride ourselves on:

  • Dedication to quality of workmanship
  • Cleanroom protocols
  • Fast track programs
  • Co-ordination and routing of pipework
  • Point of use analysis

Microgas is leading the industry in the installation of orbital welded high vacuum pump lines and exhaust systems. Our extensive range of suited equipment includes:

  • Programmable orbital welding plants
  • Manual TIG welding machines
  • Large bore pipework cutting and facing equipment
  • Mass spectrometer testing

Microgas’ experience and knowledge extends to the installation of high purity chemical systems. Our capabilities include:

  • Solvent dispense pipework
  • Chemical dispense module manufacture
  • PVDF/PFA systems
  • Valve isolation boxes
  • Containment lines
  • Chemical drain lines

The ArgonØ ™ is a world first in point of use gas recycling, allowing cost effective recycling of Argon as well as other inert purge gases such as helium and xenon. The system recycles gas in a closed loop from a limited number of process tools, this gives the big advantage over potential plant wide installations of easy, straightforward retrofit into existing wafer manufacturing plants as well as allowing a phased installation, in line with the process tools, into new “ground up” facilities.